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50th Anniversary in 2018

Charlestown Outdoor Swimming Pool was built in 1968 and has served thousands of people over the years as a fun, safe and healthy swimming facility as well as a training ground for lifeguards and Irish Water Safety Swim Instructors.

In 2017, the pool underwent a major refurbishment that provided a heated and refinished pool basin and deck along with disabled access facilities. The pool is run by a voluntary committee who provide for open swimming along with Swimming Lessons and Water Safety Instruction.

Our 50th Anniversary celebration took place throughout the weekend of the 17-19 August, 2018. To mark this milestone, we held a Family BBQ Pool Party on the 19th, which was a fun filled day.

Part of the celebrations included a sponsored 50KM Swim Challenge to help raise funds for enhancements to the pool. Our fantastic swimmers could swim 1 width, 10 lengths or more, with or without armbands.  Every participants’ distance was recorded to help us smash this challenge.  It was a great way to encourage everyone to swim.

All sponsorship and donations will be used to improve Charlestown Swimming Pool through these additional phases of development that are required.

  • Installation of a retractable telescopic cover that will allow us to extend the season and encourage more use of the pool in inclement weather.
  • Sustainable solutions to reduce electricity charges for heating the water.
  • Car Parking facilities, footpaths and finished driveway.
  • Enhanced changing room and staff facilities.
  • Development of property to the rear of the dressing rooms to provide further community facilities.

Here is a picture of the proposed cover. It comes with an estimated cost  of approx. €200,000 so all donations are greatly appreciated.