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About the Swimming pool

The original Charlestown Open Air Swimming Pool opened in July 1971 and is situated at Lowpark, on the Swinford Road.

Charlestown Swimming Pool is a community run venture and our aim is to provide a healthy, fun and safe swimming pool that will promote health, fitness and enjoyment for the local people and as a tourist attraction.

The swimming pool is 22 metres long and for over forty years has been a mecca for people wanting to learn how to swim, have fun, sunbathe, learn water safety and become lifeguards and swimming instructors.

August 2012 – Charlestown Swimming Pool passes HSE inspection with Flying colours!A HSE inspection of the Charlestown Swimming Pool took place on Tuesday. The examiner was very impressed with all the positive changes that continue to occur at our outdoor swimming facility and the pool was passed in respect to water quality, safety aspects, cleanliness of dressing rooms and storage areas and more. Congratulations to all who strive to provide a healthy outdoor swimming facility on our door step.

Family/Season Tickets are available at very reasonable rates.

Our  committee have an ongoing commitment to the people of Charlestown and its environs to provide a swimming pool facility that is cost effective to run and user friendly swimming facility that will be used and enjoyed for many years.